Climate protection is worth it – also within your own four walls

You know it
Our earth gets warmer and warmer- that is not a secret anymore. By the increasing energy consumption the greenhouse effect aggravates the global warming. Natural disasters as storms and floods, melting polar ice caps and the increasing sea level are consequences world wide against which we have to fight against in the near future.

You can do something
Be active and look after the environment already within your apartment or your communal residence. Already little measures which are done by you will pay off. Less energy consumption means a lesser CO²- production within your own four walls and world wide. By this you not only help to conserve the environment but you also make sure that the pit stays stable in your residences.

Here are some hints how you can contribute to protect our climate without missing comfort:

  • Switch off
  • Turn off
  • Uncover
  • Let off
  • Last Updated on Thursday, 01 August 2019 11:36