Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about livingDeutsche Übersetzung

What to do to get a room?
Send in your application to us!

How long do I have to wait until I get a room?
It depends on the fact for which residence you have applied. Don’t commit yourself to one residence only, give alternatives!


How do I receive the keys? – Moving and key handover
You get the key for your room in the dorm office of your residence hall. With your rental contract you will receive the document “Bürozeiten” and find out when you can pick up your key.


I would like to live to together with my boy-/girlfriend in a communal residence. What do I have to do?
Both have to send in your application and to inform us that you would like to share a communal residence.

Is each application deleted if I reject an offer?
Yes. Exception: You would like to stay in the list of applicants.  

Am I informed if a room gets free in another residence as my favourite communal residence?
No. Exception: you inform us that you would like to be taken into consideration for other residences as well.

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